APS Provides Service throughout El Paso and Surrounding Counties.

APS provides investigative services and our investigators are licensed through the State of Colorado.  We offer a variety investigative services to include background checks, skip tracing, asset and bank search, surveillance and witness interviews. We format our investigation to your needs, to ensure the process is performed quickly, discreetly and in a satisfactory manner. Our staff is highly experienced in performing these investigative task, in assisting our client in reaching their objective. We not only find relevant information but we also explain the implications of our findings, to your particular case. By accessing public and private databases, we are able to legally obtain information for our clients across the United States.




Background Investigations (State and Nationwide)


  • Criminal Background

  • Pre-Employment Screening

  • E-Verify & Electronic I-9

  • SSN Validation & Verification

  • Tenant Screening

  • Motor Vehicle Driving Records

  • Workers Compensation Claim Search


Asset Searches


  • Real Property

  • Bank Search

  • Investment Account Search




  • General Surveillance

  • Parental Responsibility

  • Personal Injury/Worker Compensation


Locate individuals for legal purposes


  • Skip Trace using proprietary national databases

  • Open Source Investigations (OINST)


Witness Interviews




 "You have made this very painless in a awkward situation, thank you!"

Ana, Colorado Springs, CO.